Classroom 4

Shi'klos Island
Shi’klos Island is a small island off the coast of Oregon. The Native Americans called it the Land of the Spirits, and wanted nothing to do with the place. During WWII, this uninhabited island was turned into a Concentration camp for those deemed a military risk. Many Japanese, Italian, and Grecian families were moved here for the duration of the war, the Japanese held the largest percentile in the camp. After the war the prison was torn down and a small fishing village sprung up on the harbor where the officers lived. Many of the families left, but few who held grudges against the main land decided to stay on the island. Preferring to fish in peace than take hostile glares from ignorant masses.

Eventually the small fishing community grew into a nice little town, and even have a bit of a tourism industry keeping fresh faces coming into town. There is even a luxury hotel on the side of the island on the west side of the island.

With the town’s increasing population and need of proper education a high school was built on the land where the concentration camp use to be. The High School and Hospital were built over 50 years ago, both were the considered to be the shining example of modernization, but now both are sadly behind the times. Many of the inhabitants would like to replace them with newer better buildings, but considered historic and still in perfectly functioning conditions, the town council refuses to re-build.

With a high Japanese populace and no need to hide their heritage, the locals built a shrine in the woods on the tallest hill, for all the lost souls who died during the war. The shrine has sadly fallen to neglect over the years, despite a small hot spring resort being built not far from it, near the base of the hill, that is a popular tourist spot.


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